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Gaining Admission to the NCTC Radiology Program


Being admitted to North Central Texas College does not mean you are automatically admitted to the Radiology Program.  To be officially admitted to the Radiology Program at NCTC, students must meet additional qualificatin requirements and carefully follow the step-by-step process described in PHASE ONE and PHASE TWO .




The following steps must be completed by all applicants before they will be considered for admission to the Radiology Program:


STEP ONE:  Complete an Application for Admission to NCTC by mail, in person, or online thru "Apply Texas".  Submit  your NCTC Application along with official transcripts for all educational institutions you have attended.  Furnish official TSI scores OR proof of exemption based on TAKS (TAAS), SAT or ACT Scores. If a student has earned an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree or higher they may be exempt from TSI Testing.  If you have NOT attended college before you must provide a high school transcript or GED Scores. "Admission Testing Requirements" will provide the most up-to-date information regarding college pre-admission testing.


STEP TWO:  If you have completed courses at other colleges, you will need to have the NCTC Admissions Office complete a Degree Audit. 


STEP THREE:  Once all admission requirements are met, you will be notified by the Registrar's Office of your acceptance to NCTC and will be ready to begin the process of registering for the pre-requisite and co-requisite courses.





STEP ONE:  The following procedure is to be followed by applicants who have met all the requirement of PHASE ONE and are asking for clearance to enroll in the Radiology Program.  First, you must attend an Advisory Session. <link Here> Individuals must attend an Advisory Session the same calendar year as the application to enroll in the Radiology Program.  Attendance to an Advisement Session does not "carry over" to the subsequent years. 


STEP TWO:  Complete and submit to the Radiology Program Office a Declaration of Intent Form-a formal statement of application to enroll in the next Radiology Class scheduled to begin at NCTC-to be picked up in the Radiology Program Office on the Gainesville Campus.  A degree audit and copies of transcripts of all courses must be provided at the time the Declaration of Intent is completed.  This form is not legally binding; it merely reserves your place on the priority list for placement in the class.  It must be completed :  May 1st - June 1st for the Fall Semester Admission to the Radiology Program.


These declaration forms do NOT "carry over".  If for any reason you are not admitted to the Radiology Program after submitting your first declaration form, you must submit a new form in order to be considered again for admission.


STEP THREE:  After you have completed STEP TWO above, your transcript will then be evaluated to determine priority points.  Applicants will be ranked according to their Priority Points (see "how to figure Priority Points").  All applicants who have submitted a Declaration of Intent form will be notified of their testing status BY MAIL - no later than June 20th preceding each Fall Semester.


STEP FOUR:  All qualified applicants will be invited to take the HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam.  This exam will be scheduled specifically for NCTC Radiology Candidates to be taken on the Gainesville Campus during the last week of June or beginning of July.  The HESI exam score will be added to the Priority Points score for the Total Admission points.  The student scoring the highest Total Admission Points will be admitted to the Associated Degree Radiology Program.  Remaining candidates will be listed as alternates.


If any of those who have been admitted are not able to begin the program for that particular semester, the next highest scoring alternate will be admitted.  Any applicant (indluding alternates who did not get in) wishing to reapply the following semester must go through this admission procedure again in order to be considered for the upcoming semester.  Those students accepted for admission to the Radiology Program will be registered in the first semester Radiology Courses by NCTC.


STEP FIVE:  Those students selected for admission must submit the following documents to the Radiology Office and Immuntrax before the first class day:


  • Physical Examination form signed by a physician certifying that the applicant has been examined thoroughly.
  • Proof of current CPR (For the Healthcare Provider) Certification and required immunizations of DTaP, MMR, TB, Varicella (chicken pox), and Hepatitis B Series (This is a series of 3 shots given over a course of 6 months. First dose must be completed no later than April 15th for Fall Admission in order to have the series complete prior to the beginning of the clinical portion of the first semester. 
  • Proof of Major Medical Insurance Coverage
  • Students must also purchase Malpractice Insurance (costing approximately $18.00).  This is added to the tuition/fees bill at registration.  Malpractice insurance will be renewed each Fall Semester.
  • A drug test and a criminal background check will be required of all students, but need not be completed prior to admission. These will be done as part of the program. 



NOTE:  Any student who has a history of mental illness or substance abuse or who has been convicted of a felony must file paperwork with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist BEFORE entering the Radiology Program.  ARRT regulations stipulate that a person convicted of a felony may not be permitted to take the licensing exam. Don't spend two years in school and then discover that you cannot take the exam.  Check it out BEFOREHAND.  Any student who has ever been arrested for anything other than a minor traffic violation will need to submit a Petition for a Declaratory Order to the ARRT.  Contact the Radiology Program Coordinator for more details.


NOTE:  Criminal background checks will be completed on all applicants to the program.  The following histories will disqualify an individual from consideration for clinical rotations:  1). Felony Convictions   2)  Misdemeanor Convictions or Felony Deferred Adjudications involving crimes against persons (person or sexual)  3) Felony Deferred Adjudications for the sale, possession, distribution, or transfer or narcotics or controlled substances, and  4) Registered Sex Offenders.