Law Enforcement


The Rewarding and Challenging Field of Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement offers a career with opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills, a job that is challenging and rewarding, and an environment of teamwork with a sense of family. The Law Enforcement program at NCTC is designed to provide exceptional preparation for employment in the field of law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, forensics and investigation.




The curriculum includes study of the fundamentals of criminal law, police systems and practices, criminal investigation, courts and criminal procedures, defensive measures, traffic and patrol administration as well as legal and ethical aspects of law enforcement. Part of the curriculum includes an internship scheduled with area law enforcement agencies to enhance classroom and laboratory experiences.


North Central Texas College does not offer credit by experience for those working in the field of Criminal Justice. Students who have received their TCLEOSE certifications upon graduating from any police academy may request to take a departmental exam for each of the following classes: Fundamentals of Criminal Law, Police Systems and Practices, Introduction to Criminal Justice, and Criminal Investigation. Students who have previously enrolled in these courses will not qualify to take the exam(s). The cost for each exam is $93.


For more information on the internship and departmental exams, you may contact the Program Coordinator.


Prospective students must display good moral character, a stable employment record and have no history of any conduct that may affect suitability for law enforcement work.



Career Opportunities


From a complete range of law enforcement sub-specialty areas, a career can be developed to create a truly unique and comfortable lifestyle. Law enforcement provides opportunities to advance careers and achieve personal and professional goals. Graduates may be employed as police officers, sheriffs, jailers and guards, security personnel, criminal justice instructors, or with corporate and private police units. Plenty of excitement exists for officers regardless of the particular career path chosen. Salaries range from an estimated $14.00 per hour at an entry level to $19.00 with additional pay for overtime, longevity, and certification.