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The Vocational Nursing program has online VN theory courses for students seeking admission in the spring semesters. To meet the clinical requirements by the Board of Nursing (BON), all clinical courses will be held on Saturday and Sunday of each week during the semester. Those who are interested in completing the application process will need to be able to meet the weekend clinical requirements. Attendance at clinical labs and agency sites are mandatory. Only two clinical absences during the semester are allowed. Tardiness is not acceptable; three tardies equal one absence. As you can see, dedication to this program is essential and space availability is limited, so please don't waste a space if you are not seriously interested in participating in this unique opportunity.


Some of you who are investigating this program may not really be certain the online class may be for you. The flexibility associated with taking online classes also requires self-discipline as you progress through the courses and meet the assignment deadlines. As a means of providing some clarification about your concerns, you will need to consider some of the following:


1) There are approximately 10-12 hours of instruction each week.


2) There are approximately 20-48 hours (2-4 hours per hour of instruction) of study/assignments each week.


3) Deadlines associated with assignments and exams will not be extended or altered.


4) Most quizzes and exams have set time limits in which to complete the items.


5) Clinicals must be completed under the supervision of our faculty. You may not do them at a facility that may be more convenient to you.


6) The online program is NOT 100% online. Clinicals are completed every Saturday and Sunday either at the Gainesville Campus or your assigned clinical facility for the entire year excepting school holidays. As mentioned above you may not complete them at a facility that may be more convenient for you.


7) You do not have to live in state, however you must come here for the clinical portion and be under the supervision of our instructors. You cannot complete them at a facility in your state or closer to you. 


Course work is done during the week. Clinical hours can range from 8 to 12 hours per day. 


We have provided a link for you to take a readiness assessment to help you decide whether or not the online program is right for you. Just click on the link below and follow the directions.

READI Assessment

 Students who are seriously interested in taking the Vocational Nursing Program online must complete the Advisement Session in the link below. Please be aware that to be accepted into the program, you will need to schedule and take the VN Admission Assessment Test (PAX) as do all other applicants for the NCTC Vocational Nursing Programs. The PAX testing directions will be available in the Advisement Session information. The Advisement Session will only be open beginning May of 2013.  There will be limited spaces available at each of the PAX testing dates, so follow directions carefully to confirm your test date assignment. You will be able to schedule a testing date upon submission of the VN program application as stated in the Advisement Session and are open for online candidates only. You may purchase an PAX Study Guide online at and then select the NLN PN Pre Entrance Exam. Candidates for the online class will be selected from among the applicants with the highest scores on the entrance exam. Only 20-25 students will be selected for the Online VN class.


Advisement Session


Our online advisement and application period will begin May of 2015 for spring (January) of 2016. Our Spring of 2015 application period has already concluded.


We hope this information will be helpful. If you have any other questions, please refer to the general information on the Vocational Nursing page on this website. You may call 940-668-4291 or email


Again, please refer to the general information on the Vocational Nursing page on this website.