LVN Program Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the LVN Program?

The LVN program is a one year program. Students in the Spring (January admission) finish in December of the same year while August entrants will finish in August of the following year.


Are there any prerequisites?

No, we do not require prerequisites. You may take A and P I and II  or your may take VNSG 1420 A and P for Allied Health ahead of time but it is not a requirement.


How do you gain admission?

1. Attend an advisement session

2. Take the PAX entrance exam

3. Wait to receive a letter regarding status of your application


Can I get a study guide for the PAX?

Yes, you can purchase the NLN pre-entrance exam booklet at for $55.00.


What do you have to make to pass the PAX exam?

You must receive a minimum score of 50% on the math portion and 40% on the reading portion. The maximum that you can score is 200% so the higher the score, the better the chance of getting into the program.


Can I take the test more than one time if I don't do well and how much does it cost?

The cost of the exam is $35.00. Unfortunately due to limited testing spaces you may only take the test one time per admission.


I am interested in the online program. Is it 100% online?

No, you must come to the Gainesville campus or your assigned clinical facility every Saturday and Sunday for the entire year. The online program is only offered through our Gainesville campus.


Can I choose a clinical site closer to me or one that I already work at?

No, your lead instructor will assign you to a clinical site.