Emergency Medical Services



Two Year Associate Degree (Paramedicine)

First Year
First Semester (EMT-Basic School)
Credit Hours
Composition I 3
GOVT2305 American National Government 3
VNSG1420 Anatomy & Physiology for Allied Health
EMSP1160 Clinical -- Emergency Medical Tech/Technology 1
EMSP1501 Emergency Medical Technician 5
Total hours 16
Second Semester (Paramedic School)
Credit Hours
ENGL1302 Composition II 3
EMSP2261 Clinical I -- Emergency Medical Tech/Paramedic
EMSP1338 Introduction to Advanced Practice 3
EMSP2248 Pharmacology 2
EMSP2544 Cardiology 5
Total hours 15
Second Year
First Semester (Paramedic School)
Credit Hours
ARTS, MUSI, HUMA Visual and Performing Arts Elective 3
EMSP1355 Trauma Management
EMSP1356 Patient Assessment and Airway Management 3
EMSP2262 Clinical II--Emergency Medical Tech/Paramedic 2
EMSP2434 Medical Emergencies 4
Total hours 15
Second Semester (Paramedic School)
Credit Hours
SPCH1315 Public Speaking 3

MATH1314 or

MATH 1342

College Algebra OR Elementary Statistics 3
EMSP2352 EMS Research 3
EMSP2332 Mass Disaster Response 3
EMSP2563 *Clinical EMT-P Internship 5
Total hours 17
Grand total hours 63
*Capstone experience.