• Cosmetology


    Cosmetologists are in high demand in the following areas of specialization: Hair Stylist, Haircut Specialists, Color Technicians, Nail Technicians, Skin Care Specialist, Salon Managers, Platform Artists, Manufacturer Representatives, and with an Instructors license, Educator, Inspector or Examiner positions with the state of Texas.


    The program offers hands-on instruction with today's latest salon products and equipment. Students are taught how to provide special services such as hair coloring, foiling, texture services, braiding and hair extensions. Advanced training with scissors, clippers and razors is included. Students receive a wide variety in training, including classes by guest artists for leading manufacturers and salons. Training in areas such as manicures, pedicures, facials and acrylic nails are all part of this exciting program.


    Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm and Fridays from 8am to 3pm. Various field trips are offered throughout the semesters to selected salons, hair and salon shows and many other educational events.


    Students in their last semester may attend classes with the Esthetic students at the International Dermal Institute in Addison.


    Instructors are established in their careers with advanced training in cutting, styling, chemical texturizing, hair coloring products, procedures and concepts for teaching classroom theory and demonstrating procedures for successful student learning outcomes.


    Dual Credit students are accepted, and attend 1pm-5pm Monday-Thursday.  A total of 1000 contact hours are required for completion while student is enrolled in high school. 



     The Cosmetology course covers information on:

    • Haircutting
    • Hair styling
    • Hair extensions
    • Color procedures
    • Perming and straightening hair
    • Skin care
    • Nail care and enhancements
    • Chemistry and anatomy
    • On the job and salon development
    • Preparation for state licensing
    • Gainful Employment Documentation


    Partial list of products and textbook materials used at NCTC.

    • •  Pivot Point
    • •  OPI
    • •  Pravana
    • •  Redken
    • •  JKS International
    • •  Sally's
    • •  Milady's Textbooks


      •                Course Certificate Plan


        First Semester

        Credit Hours

        CSME 1401 Orientation to Cosmetology
        CSME 1405 Fundamentals of Cosmetology 4
        CSME 1310 Introduction to Hair cutting and Related Theory 3
        CSME 1453 Chemical Reformation and Related Theory 4
              Total contact hours for first semester:  624         Total credit hours:      15

        Second Semester

        Credit Hours

        CSME 2401 The Principles of Hair Coloring and Related Theory
        CSME 2410 Intermediate Hair cutting and Related Theory 4
        CSME 1443  Manicuring and Related Theory 4
        CSME 1447 Principles of Skin Care and Related Theory 4
              Total contact hours for second semester:  560     Total credit hours:    16

        Third Semester

        Credit Hours

        CSME 2237 Advanced Cosmetology Techniques
        CSME 2343 Salon Development 3
        CSME 2441* Preparation for Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations Exam 4
             Total contact hours for third semester:  320          Total credit hours:      9

         Total Credit  Hours                                                                                  40

         Total Contact Hours                                                                              1500
        *CSME 2441 will constitute the capstone experience. 



        Cosmetology or Esthetics Certificate

        Must hold a Texas license in either of these to enroll in an Instructor course.


                                                         Course Certificate Plan

        First Semester

        Credit Hours

        CSME 1534
        Instructor I
        CSME 1535 Orientation to the Instruction of Cosmetology or Esthetics 5

        Second Semester

        Credit Hours

        CSME 2514* Instructor II
        Total Credit Hours 15
        Total Contact Hours


        *CSME 2514 will constitute the capstone experience




      Department of Health Sciences

      Cosmetology, Aesthetics & Student Instructor