Pre-Admission Exam (Kaplan)


The pre-admission exam for Fall Admission will be administered end of June for Fall Admission (end of October for Spring Admission). If scheduled to test, your status letter will give you detailed information including the date and time you are to take the Kaplan Exam.  Testing fee is $30 and is payable at the time of the test. 

A Kaplan study guide is available in the NCTC bookstore. It was created for students looking at a variety of potential programs and was not particularly geared toward this specific test.  Students who used it to prepare felt that the math portion in the study guide more than prepared them for that portion of the exam. There are also reading comprehension practice questions in the Kaplan book. Students have suggested using the Little, Brown Handbook often used in English classes to help prepare for the Writing portion of the exam.  Other suggestions from students who have taken the test:  A&P for Dummies Workbook or the DVD from the A&P book. 

The Kaplan Admisssion Exam is a 91-question multiple-choice test which evaluates basic reading, math, writing, and science skills.

The Reading section (22 questions in 45 minutes) includes Reading passages for Comprehension, Extraction of Main Idea, Reading for Details, Vocabulary in Context, Inference.

The Math section (28 questions in 45 minutes) tests Ratios and Proportions, Fractions and Decimals, the 4 Mathematical Functions, Word Problems. Focus is math skills required for Dosage and Calculation.

The Writing section (21 questions in 45 minutes) includes Writing mechanics such as: Error Correction within the Context of the Sentence; Syntax; Word or Punctuation Misuse; and Logical development of passages.

The Science section (20 Questions in 30 minutes) tests students' knowledge of Physiology systems. Kaplan said to focus on these systems: Cardiovascular system, electrolytes, gastrointestinal system, immune system, neurology, renal system, hematological system, homeostasis, respiratory system, sensory system. Study these sections in your A&P book.  The science portion of the study guide is not geared toward this test.

Admission to the nursing program is based on the highest passing scores on the exam.  Minimum passing score is 70%. 

Hint: You do not want to leave a question blank while taking the test. Mark your best guess and move on if you are stuck on a question. The computer may not allow you to go back to a previous question and shut down the computer.   


Students will not be able to use test scores from exams taken previously at NCTC or other schools but will need to take the exam at the scheduled time.


To review sample questions for the Kaplan Admission Exam, please click on

Kaplan Adm Samples (final)


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