Associate Degree Nursing Immunizations and Other Records


The following immunizations are required for the ADN/BSN Program.






MMR # 1

MMR # 2

Measles Mumps Rubella

(2 MMR's since 1979) 


IgG serological confirmations

Rubeola Titer

Mumps Titer

Rubella Titer


TB Test    


Chest X-Ray

Record of last 2 TB tests (at least 1 within the past year) or two step TB test.       


Chest X-Ray within 2 years


HEP B # 1

HEP B # 2

HEP B # 3

Series of 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine (See note below)



Serological Confirmation

HEP B Titer


Var. Titer

Varicella IgG        


2 doses of varicella vaccine at least 6 weeks apart if had not had chickenpox

VarVac # 1

VarVac # 2



Meningitis vaccine if under age 30 and not currently enrolled at NCTC


Flu vaccine

Fall applicants must complete by October 1.

Spring applicants must complete prior to entering the program.


All immunizations must be complete prior to entering the program. 


Clinical agencies may require additional tests or titers prior to using their facilities.

Immunization information:

The Hepatitis B vaccination series is administered over a 6 month time period. The series of 3 vaccines requires that the first dose be given, then one month later the second dose is to be given. The third dose is administered 6 months after the first dose. The third dose must be completed prior to beginning the nursing program. The first dose must be obtained no later than

February 15th for Fall admission                  July 6th for Spring admission

in order to have the series completed prior to beginning the program. If you were planning to apply but did not have the first dose prior to the above dates, you will not be eligible to apply for the next class. Check with your physician, pharmacist, or other health care facilities to obtain the series. 

If you have previously had varicella (chicken pox), a positive IgG serologic confirmation from a physician is required. If you have never had chicken pox, you will need two doses of varicella vaccine at least 6 weeks apart. Start on this now so that it will be complete prior to entering the program.

Most clinical sites now require serologic confirmation for immunizations so go that route rather than repeating vaccines (for MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B) if you cannot find records. Be sure to keep copies of all immunization records in a safe place as you will need them throughout your nursing career.

TB Tests

Prior to admission:

If you haven’t had a TB test within the past year, you need the                                           Two-step baseline TSTs
Previous negative TST result (documented or not) more than 12 months ago              Two-step baseline TSTs
Previous documented negative TST result  less than 12 months  ago                            Single TST needed
2 previous documented negative TST’s with the last one less than 12 months ago    Single TST needed

With the two-step process, if the first-step TST result is negative, the second-step TST should be administered 1–3 weeks after the first TST
result was read. If there are questions regarding the two-step process, check out the following web site :

The TB test must be administered once a year thereafter and must be renewed prior to the semester in which it expires.  Example:  If it is due to expire in February, March or April, it must be renewed before school begins in January.  If it expires in September, October or November, it must be renewed prior to school beginning in August. 

Criminal Background Checks

After admission into the program, all students will be required to have a background check which is required for clinicals and fingerprints which are required for the Board of Nurse Examiners.  Instructions for completion of these two items will be included in the acceptance letter.   The nursing office will obtain the results of the background check.  Schedule the appointment for fingerprints as quickly as possible. The fingerprints will be sent to the Board of Nursing and they will mail a blue postcard if everything is cleared.  Students must make a copy of the front and back of the postcard to submit to the nursing office.    Do not throw the blue card away. Keep  the original blue card in a safe place until after successful completion of the licensure exam after graduation.  If students had something on their records, they would have needed to complete the Declaratory Order process prior to applying to the program (see the link regarding Criminal Background Checks).  In that case, instead of a blue card, they would receive a letter of clearance from the Board of Nursing.  The nursing office will need a copy of the letter and accompanying records at the time of application.  If the Declaratory Order is not cleared by the time of the application process, the student may not apply.  


Compilation of Records

Gather all of the records needed for college and keep them in a safe place.  Working in health care, you will need a copy of them every time you change jobs.   The college uses a company to compile immunization and other records.  After receipt of the acceptance letter, students must scan or fax records as listed in the instructions.  Records need to be sent in one batch as much as possible.  Do not send one record at a time. Make sure records are facing the correct direction when scanned or faxed so that they do not have to be rotated to view them.  You will submit a form entitled  Required Immunization & Lab Tests (summary of all of your records), a physical exam form, copies of documentation of each of your immunizations, CPR Health Care Provider card (front & back), and a copy of your major-medical card or proof of accident insurance.   (Never give away your only copy of any of your records).  

The nursing office will need the copy of the blue post card or letter from the Board of Nursing, the signed white copy of the degree plan which will be sent with the acceptance letter, and a photo for the file no later than the date of orientation.


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