Notes for those who are applying for Fall 2015.  (Applicants who wish to apply for Spring should scroll down to the Spring 2015 Admission Information.)



Applicants for the Fall 2015 Associate Degree Nursing Program.


We will be accepting applications for Fall 2015 between May 1 and June 1, 2015. Please bring copies of all transcripts when you come to apply. You will also need to request a "Transcript Evaluation" from the Admissions office. Once this is completed, you will need to print a "Degree Audit" and bring a copy of this as well.



 Expect the first semester to cost approximately $3500 for tuition, fees, uniforms, books, immunizations,etc.

Best of luck to you in your pursuit of a career in nursing!!!


As part of the admission process, a criminal background check is required. Any student who has ever been arrested for anything will need to submit a Petition for a Declaratory Order to the Board of Nursing and receive resolution from the BON prior to applying to the nursing program.  See the Criminal Background Check link for additional information. 

(A social security number is required in order to process the criminal background check.)



Spring 2015 Admission Information

Testing for the Spring 2015 semester is completed. The tentative cutoff score for acceptance into the ADN program is 71%. Those with a score of 70% will be on the alternates list.

The tentative cutoff score for acceptance into the Transition from LVN to ADN program is 71%.

Acceptance letters will be mailed out by November 6th if possible. Please wait to receive your letter with instructions on how to proceed.

Eligibility for the Spring 2015 Class: 


You may apply to the Spring 2015 ADN program if:


you have completed Anatomy & Physiology I & II no later than Summer  2014,


you will have completed Math Statistics no later than Fall 2014,


and, you have a minimum of 9 priority points. See the Priority Points link for details.   Non-nursing coursework taken prior to Fall 2014 will count towards the Priority Points.   The GPA is figured on courses required for the nursing program - not the GPA listed on the Degree Audit.   All coursework must be completed with a "C" or better.

(Note:  NCTC does not have a time limit on any of the required non-nursing courses.)  



Summary to Apply for Spring 2015

(please click on the links listed in blue for additional information as needed)


Hepatitis B series must have been started no later than July 6 for Spring admission  (February 15 for Fall Admission) and will be complete prior to January 6th. 


Start gathering other immunization records and make sure that all will be complete prior to January 6th. 


Apply to the College for the Spring semester.


Have official transcripts sent to the Registrar's Office after submitting the application to the college. 


Request a Degree Audit by completing the Transcript Evaluation/Degree Audit Request form and submitting it to the Registrar's Office when transcripts are submitted (may take 6-8 weeks or more to process).  The degree audit should be requested  by mid-July to assure that it is complete at the time of application. 


Figure your priority points. Due to the competitiveness of the nursing program, for the Spring generic program, only applicants with 9 or more points should apply.  For the transition programs, only applicants with 7 or more points should apply.


Bring copies of transcripts from colleges other than NCTC and a copy of the degree audit  with you when you come in to the Nursing Office (Room 202 at the Gainesville campus) to fill out the Nursing Application between September 15 and October 1.   We do not have access to other transcripts so you will need to provide unofficial copies for the nursing office).


Await letter stating whether or not you are scheduled to test. Letters will be sent around mid-October. 


The Pre-Admission (Kaplan) Exam will be administered mid to late October.  Test letter will indicate the date & time students are scheduled to test.  


Acceptance letters will be sent by the second week in November.

Applicants with prior convictions need to carefully read the information under Criminal Background Checks before applying to the program.


(read information below for complete details)


Before July 6

Hepatitis B series must have been started no later than July 6 for Spring Admission (February 15 for Fall admission ). This is a six month series with the second dose administered one month after the first dose and the third dose administered 6 months after the first dose.  The third dose must be completed prior to January 6th for Spring admission (August 15th for Fall admission.)   Start gathering the remainder of the required immunization records. 

August 2014


If not enrolled at NCTC during the Fall, apply to the college end of August (after Fall semester has begun) for Spring semester.  Note: Granting of admission to the college does not guarantee admission to the Nursing Program. (International students must see the International Advisor in the Gainesville Registrar's Office several months in advance to insure all paperwork is complete for acceptance into the college.)

Have all official transcripts from other colleges sent to the Registrar’s Office and fill out a request for a Transcript Evaluation. This form may be filled out in the Registrar's Office at any of the NCTC campuses or print off the form and submit it to the Registrar's Office. You will then need to request a Degree Audit.  The Degree Audit may take 6 - 8 weeks or more to process if transfer courses are involved so complete this step early so that it will be ready by the application deadline.   Degree Audits are processed on a first come, first served basis. (If you have not already filled out the request for a degree audit when you get ready to apply to the nursing department, do so as quickly as possible so that it gets put in the stack to process.  The Degree Audit will not be processed unless an application to the college is on file.)

Figure your priority points. Due to the competitiveness of the program, only applicants with 9 or more points should apply for the generic program or 7 or more points for the Transition program.    See the priority points link for additional information. 

Applying for the Program - September 15 to October 1st, 2014



Bring unofficial copies of your transcripts from other colleges and a degree audit with you when you come to fill out the Nursing Application at the Gainesville Nursing Office (Room 202) between  September 15  - October 1st for Spring admission (May 1st - June 1st  for Fall Admission).  The nursing office does not have access to your transcripts in the Registrar's Office from other colleges; therefore, you will need to bring copies for your nursing file.   You will not need an appointment to fill out your Nursing Application. The nursing office is open Monday through Thursday 8:00am - 4:30pm and Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm.   It will only take about 20 minutes to fill out the form while you are at the college. We will attach your transcripts to the form.  The nursing office can print an updated NCTC transcript  after the semester grades have been posted.  

Processing of Applications - October 1st to October 6th

Between October 1st and October 6th, all applications will be processed and ranked according to
Priority Point Scores and Grade Point Average. Points and GPA’s required to be allowed to test may vary semester to semester depending on the number of applicants and how their points fall. Priority Point Scores are figured as of October 1st.   Coursework completed in the Fall would not be figured in the Priority Point Score.

All applicants will be notified by mail of their sta
tus. Letters are expected to be mailed by October 7th, if possible.  We ask that students wait patiently for their letters. If the web site has posted that letters have gone out but you have not received your letter by October 13th, please contact the nursing office immediately. Top applicants will receive a letter stating when they are scheduled to take the
pre-admission (Kaplan) exam. 

Acceptance into the Program - by November 12th.


If there are no unforeseen problems, acceptance letters will be mailed by November 12th.  Generally, the Associate Degree Nursing Program accepts 36 students in the Generic program and 12 in the Transition from Vocational to Professional Nursing at the Gainesville campus if there are enough qualified applicants. 

Letters cannot be mailed if there is a "hold" in the Registrar's Office. Students under the age of 30 who are not currently enrolled at NCTC must submit proof of the meningitis vaccine. Lack of proof of meningitis is the main reason for a "hold" in the Registrar's Office.  Financial holds are also common. Checking your MyNCTC site may eliminate delays in receiving your letter.

As part of the admission process, a
criminal background check is required. Any student who has ever been arrested for anything  will need to submit a Petition for a Declaratory Order to the Board of Nursing (BON) and receive resolution from the BON prior to applying to the nursing program.


(A social security number is required in order to process the criminal background check.)


Information regarding Insurance Coverage

Note:  Students admitted to the nursing program will be required to have a minimum of an accident insurance policy.  If you are not covered under major medical insurance, you may purchase an inexpensive policy through the company listed below.  It would need to be renewed in August of each year while you are in the nursing program.


The accident policy may be obtained at  Click on the Open New Account button.  Follow instructions on the site.   Even though the policy states that the At School Accident policy only covers school and sports, we have checked with them and it does cover the student at clinicals so the At School policy is sufficient. Print a copy of the receipt and submit it along with your immunizations as explained in the acceptance letter.  Wait until after August 1st to apply for the policy for the Fall. 


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North Central Texas College does not discriminate against or exclude from participation in any of its programs or activities, either in the student body or the staff, any person on the grounds of sex, race, color, religion, age, handicap, national origin or veteran status. Special emphasis will continue to be placed on correcting conditions which may inadvertently discriminate against any individual with a disability.