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Refund Dates


NCTC Financial Aid 2013
FAFSA Priority Deadlines:


Fall Semester – June 1


Spring Semester – November 1

Summer Semester – April 1


These are priority deadlines and all applications will be processed as quickly as possible on a funds available basis. Some programs, particularly grant programs, have limited funds, so the earlier we receive your application and all supporting documents, the greater the chance for you to receive funds from these programs. FAFSA applications are still processed after the priority deadline, however, students may have to secure classes by paying tuition out-of-pocket because their FAFSA application did not meet the deadline.




Refund Policy

North Central Texas College disburses all financial aid balances, including Stafford Loans, to the NCTC Student ID/MasterCard. Students can obtain a Student ID/MasterCard from the Business Office. The first card is free. Replacement cards cost $20.


Refunds will apply to any balance due before being returned to the student.



Book Availability


Students may begin purchasing books with grants and loans starting a week before classes start and lasts for two weeks. First-time loan borrowers will need to stop by the Financial Aid Office for a book voucher. All other students will have a credit in the bookstore as long as the Financial Aid has been accepted. Students will have to wait 24 hours after registering for classes before a credit is shown in the bookstore to purchase books. 

Students may purchase books with Financial Aid in the NCTC bookstore: 
August 18 - September 5.


Refund Dates


Fall refund Schedule:

September 24 Pell Grant and loans (except first-time loan borrowers)
September 24 First half of loan disbursement for Fall-only students
October 8        First-time loan borrowers full disbursement    
October 29      Second half of loan disbursement for Fall-only students 




Financial Aid Refund Disclaimer

Financial aid refunds will be issued to students who are confirmed to be eligible students and meeting the requirements of the NCTC Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.   Students must be enrolled in classes for the term in which funds are being disbursed and have begun attendance.  Students receiving Direct Loans must be enrolled at least half time to receive funds, completed Student Loan Entrance Counseling and signed a Master Promissory Note.


Students who have exceeded their Lifetime Pell Eligibility, have exceeded their annual or aggregate loan limits, are in default on any student loan or owe an overpayment to the U.S. Department of Education or another institution are not eligible for financial aid. 


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