Speech Classes


Speech courses offered at NCTC at the present time include Introduction of Speech Communication, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and Business and Professional Speech.


Introduction to Speech Communication studies the theories and practice of communication in interpersonal, small group, and public speech.


Public Speaking focuses on the process of oral communication and its relation to communication.  Emphasis is placed on extemporaneous speaking in both individual and group formats.


Interpersonal Communication introduces communication concepts and provides speech interaction in one-to-one and small group situations.  Provides experiential settings for a variety of environments, for the reduction of communication barriers, for conflict resolution, and for leadership and decision-making.  Emphasizes interpersonal perception and listening skills related to self-concept.


Business and Professional Speech studies the theory and practice of speech communication in business and professional situations.  Emphasis is placed on interpersonal communication, technique, leadership strategy, small group communication, conflict management, and the skills necessary to conduct successful interviews, build teams (problem solving), and formal presentations.


All four Speech courses, SPCH1311 (Introduction to Speech Communication),SPCH 1315 (Public Speaking); SPCH 1318 (Interpersonal Communication), and SPCH 1321 (Business and Professional Speech), fulfill the oral communication component in the General Education Core Curriculum.


Courses Offered

SPCH1311 Introduction to Speech Communication
SPCH1315 Public Speaking
SPCH1318 Interpersonal Communication

Business and Professional Speech


Courses Offered Online



Introduction to Speech Communication
SPCH1315 Public Speaking
SPCH1321 Business and Professional Speech