Foreign Language Classes


NCTC offers a sequence of fundamental courses in Spanish,French and Italian with laboratories, as well as a second-year sequence of intermediate courses. These courses satisfy the two-year foreign language requirement of four-year baccalaureate curricula. The function of the instruction is to provide courses that will transfer to four-year universities as part of the college's academic-transfer program or that will meet any other curricular needs in foreign language study. These courses also provide personal enrichment in their giving students the ability to use the written and spoken Spanish language, along with cultural insights.


Courses Offered



FREN1411 Beginning French I
FREN1412 Beginning French II
ITAL1411 Elementary Italian I
ITAL1412 Elementary Italian II
SPAN1411 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1412 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2311 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN2312 Intermediate Spanish II