NCTC Dual Credit


Special Admission


9th Grade Collegiate Academy

Ninth grade admission is only available to students attending Gainesville, Lake Dallas, and Steele Accelerated High Schools. These students may be eligible to enroll as Special Admission Collegiate Academy students. Contact the high schools for additional information.

10th Grade Admission

Sophomore students may be admitted into the Dual Credit program under Special Admission. Sophomore students with demonstrated outstanding academic performance and ability may be admitted under the following criteria:

  • Must have TSI Assessment scores indicating college readiness in Reading and Writing
  • Must receive  a “B” or higher in all NCTC coursework to remain eligible
  • Must have  written approval of high school principal and NCTC VP of Instruction


12th Grade Early Admission

Senior students may register for college courses under Early Admission status. The high school is not required to award high school graduation credits for courses that are taken as Early Admission. Students may not register under Early Admission and Dual Credit during the same semester.


Home School Student

Students that are home schooled are eligible to apply and register for dual credit courses. Students must meet the same standards and follow procedures similar to other students. A notarized high school transcript must be submitted.


Graduating Seniors

Students that were previously enrolled in dual credit and plan to register for courses after graduation are not required to reapply unless they did not attend during the previous  two long semesters. Students must submit their official high school transcript with graduation date as soon as it becomes available. Seniors must complete online College Orientation. These students may choose to register for courses online.







Emily Klement 

Emily Klement, Ed.D.


Associate Vice President of Academic Partnerships

Contact Information
for Dual Credit


Debbie Endres

Dual Credit Coordinator
Gainesville, Bowie, Graham Campuses


Diane Mannion

Dual Credit Coordinator
Corinth Campus

Susan Cooper

Dual Credit Coordinator
Flower Mound Campus

972-899-8331 NCTC