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The staff and faculty of NCTC Bowie Campus are eager to assist anyone interested in attending college and exploring their options for a better future. Counseling, testing, financial aid, scholarships and other assistance are available. For more information contact:



jose dasilva
Jose DaSilva
Bowie Campus Director
940-872-4002, Ext. 5211


Emily Klement
Dr. Emily Klement
Dean of Bowie & Graham Campus
940-872-4002, Ext. 5211  
Jennifer Burrows
940-872-4002, Ext. 5212

karen Davis
Karen Davis
Campus Coordinator
940-872-4002, Ext. 5210

Robin Studdard
940-872-4002, Ext. 5215

Dee Ann Brown Brenda Stephens
Dee Ann Brown 
Registrar Assistant
940-872-4002, Ext. 5221 
Brenda Stephens
Department/Campus Assistant
940-872-4002, Ext. 5220

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