Budget Guidelines


1) Use the electronic budget file you will receive; it is updated for the new year, with links, and contains the totals from current year.

2) Please keep your budget total as close to current year as possible.

3) Use the “Unbudgeted” tab for up to 4 projects/expenditures (including positions) you would like to request in the event additional projects can be funded.

4) For technology purchases, budget software under 2500 Supplies and hardware under 2830 NonCapital Equipment, using the specified areas (will automatically populate the “Tech List” page).

      a) Obtain quotes for all technology items from Jason Cook or Glen Hearell

      b) Under “justification” sections, associate a person/position who will be using the item

      c) Only budget IP phones for office space that does not already have a phone

      d) I.T.S. will aggregate the items to insure compatibility & best pricing & will place the orders




March 20:   8:30 a.m. Thursday (Gainesville Campus) Little Theater

                      General Faculty & Staff Meeting, Discussion of Process & Priorities

March 20:   3:30 p.m. Thursday (Corinth Campus) Room 314

                      General Faculty & Staff Meeting, Discussion of Process & Priorities


March 21:   Distribution of Departments’ Budget Templates


April 4:        Budgets Due to Supervisors/Deans


April 18:      Budgets Due to Members of President’s Cabinet


May 7:         Requests Due to HR for Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program for 2014-2015


May 13:        Budgets Due Electronically to Business Office for Entry into Master Budget


May 20-30:   Budget Hearings with President’s Cabinet and Completion of Balanced Budget


June 6:        Master Copy of Budget Finalized; Update of Budget Presentation;Board Packets Prepared


June 10:      Delivery of Board Packets to Board Members


June 16:      Board of Regents Budget Workshop/Board Meeting


August 18:   Public Hearing & Meeting of Board of Regents