Horticulture Frequently Asked Questions



What is Horticulture?

Horticulture is defined as the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants and incorporates a broad range of career opportunities from production and marketing, to research, maintenance, design, and horticulture therapy.   Horticulturalists work in both public and private sectors.

How long will it take me to finish?

The certificate and marketable skills degree plans are designed for students to complete the courses in one year's time; however, students may work at their own pace.

How are the classes taught?

Courses are taught using a range of teaching methods consisting of hands-on labs, one-on-one instruction, guest lecturers, group presentations/projects, fieldtrips, lectures, online hybrid classes, and online support materials.  

What can I do with an education in Horticulture?

Those earning an education in horticulture may pursue jobs in landscaping, floristry, horticulture crop production, greenhouse management, nursery production, and the green industry. Meet with a horticulture academic advisor for career counseling.

Who is this program designed for?

The program is designed for anyone who is interested in the field of horticulture.   Students who seek to be career horticulturalists will benefit from these basic classes and will be prepared to enter the workforce or go on to a four-year university.   For students who are hobby horticulturalists, this program will provide invaluable skills for at-home horticulture interests.

Are there scholarships available for Horticulture students?

Yes. NCTC offers a number of scholarships to its students.  Applications are available online on the NCTC webpage or in the NCTC Foundation office (940)668-4213.  In addition the NCTC Agriculture Department grants many scholarships to its students each year.  Don't hesitate to apply!

May I take a tour of the NCTC campus, including the horticulture facilities?

Absolutely!  We would love to show you around our campus and show off our horticulture classrooms, gardens and greenhouse.  Just call us for an appointment.

What sort of horticulture facilities does NCTC offer?

On the Gainesville Campus, students meet in the Equine Center horticulture laboratory adjacent to NCTC's state of the art greenhouse facility.   On the Corinth Campus, students meet in the instructional building for lectures and out in the gardens for labs.

Who is the horticulture advisor, and who do I contact if I want to sign up for the Horticulture program?

Ashley Hartman, the director of the horticulture program, will help answer your questions.  Contact her at (940)668-7731, ext. 4488 or via email at: ahartman@nctc.edu.


Ashley Hartman
Horticulture Program

Gainesville - Room 1603