Beef Center




Registration and/or breeding information must be presented upon delivery of animals to the Center.


All bulls must be accompanied by an official health certificate verifying that the animals are in good health and have been vaccinated for the following diseases according to vaccine manufacturers’ specifications:




  • - 7 or 8-way Clostridial: (Black Leg) Administer SQ (under the skin) in neck, 2 doses required.

  • - Respiratory Viruses: (IBR,PI3,BVD,BRSV) IBR/PI3-
  •    BVD/BRSV Administer per label in neck, 2 doses required (killed vaccine on the first round, then MLV on the second round, is mandatory)

  • - Pasteurella haemolytica: Must be recognized as leukotoxoid type, May be combined with Pasteurella multocida, Doses required is dependent on label recommendations

  • - Haemophilus somnus: May be combined with Clostridial vaccines, 2 doses required  (Recommended, but not required)

  • - Wart Vaccination  (Recommended, but not required)

  • - Dewormed with an approved wormer.

Vaccinations and treatments should be completed three (3) weeks prior to delivery; bulls may not be accepted if the requirements are not completed as scheduled.





Steve Keith - Department Chair

Phone: Office (940) 668-4217 Ext, 4353


Rodney St. John - Beef Center Manager

Phone: 940-736-9953


NCTC Beef Center will not be responsible for loss by fire, theft, injury, sickness, death, or any other circumstance, but will make every effort to safeguard the health of the animals and will secure professional veterinary service when necessary.