Beef Center



A basic fee of $95.00 (entry fee) is payable with the entry application. This fee covers pen rental, labor management, and performance data reports. The fee serves as your pen retainer and will be returned to you in the event of unforeseen circumstances, which may occur to prevent participation in the test.


All feed costs is payable in the following manner:

  • $150 per bull, payable on delivery date of animals to the Center.

  • $150 per bull, payable at the end of the second month of the testing period.

  • Balance of the feed bill calculated and due at the completion of the test.

Veterinary service will be obtained when deemed necessary, and the consignor will be responsible for actual costs incurred.




Steve Keith - Department Chair

Phone: Office (940) 668-4217 Ext, 4353


Rodney St. John - Beef Center Manager

Phone: 940-736-9953


NCTC Beef Center will not be responsible for loss by fire, theft, injury, sickness, death, or any other circumstance, but will make every effort to safeguard the health of the animals and will secure professional veterinary service when necessary.